Anonymous: I have an account on mgf but it won't let me view your paypal :( could we use paypal?

you can totally use paypal I love when people pay me with paypal actually I prefer it !!

Anonymous: have you ever had sex with a girl? if so how was is? (im a bi curious girl)

I absolutely have and it was fantastic all the times I’ve done it haha. sometimes it was with more experienced girls but sometimes we were both new to it and either way was great :-) if you’re new and your partner isn’t, they can probably teach you a few things! but I love girls bc they’re soft and know what girls like already ^_^

Anonymous: would you be up for doing a paid shoot?

10000000% contact me at…. for professional things like that :)

Anonymous: Will you be selling xxx pictures again?

always am bb email me for now i’m setting up mgf again i’m revamping it!

Anonymous: I send you an email to discuss purchasing some stuff so get back to me asap!

i answered this morning sweetheart xoxox